Umbrella Insurance

What is Umbrella Insurance? The term “umbrella” refers to additional liability that covers what your home or auto policy does not. It is an extension to your existing liability should an unforeseen event occur.

Without umbrella coverage, everything you’ve worked hard for—your assets, your college fund, your nest egg, your retirement savings—could be at risk if you are found liable to others as a result of an accident or other catastrophic event.

This example illustrates why you need additional liability insurance:

A young woman ran a stop light and collided with another car, killing an adult and child. The courts found her negligent and ordered her to pay the “wrongful death” limits of $1,050,000. The woman had an auto policy with liability limits of $300,000 per claim, leaving her with an uncovered loss of $750,000. If this woman would have had a personal umbrella policy, it would have paid the remaining $750,000. Without it, she will have to pay it from her personal assets.

No one expects a catastrophe in their life. And it’s true that catastrophic events happen to very few people. That’s why you can buy $1 million of additional liability protection very economically. Depending on your circumstances, a $1 million personal umbrella policy can run as low as $150. 

Contact Coastal Elite Insurance for a Personal Umbrella quote today!

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